Financial Year: 2022-23
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Financial Year: 2022-23

WAM (Work Accounts Management) System is being developed under IFMS Project to manage Accounting of all Works Departments where Public Works being carried out. In this system logins were provided to Divisions to enter their Works and Work-Orders. They can prepare Vendor Bill which is forwarded to Treasuries for payments. It also manages Revenues, Remittances and prepare Monthly-Account for AG Office. The system was implemented in PWD, PHED, WRD, CAD, IGNP and Forest Department since 2016.

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Login for AG Office, HOD & Treasuries (2022-23)

WAM Support/HelpLine: 0141-2743753 (During Office Hours on Working Days)

WAM Support Email Id: ifms-wam-rj[at]nic[dot]in

Please do not create separate Login Id for Sub-Divisions using thier office Code. Login Id for Sub Divisions will be created as Auditor1, 2, 3 etc. under the main login of Divisions. For Examples: If your division code is 17074 then auditors will be created as Audit1.17074 (For Sub Division1), Audit2.17074 (For Sub Division2)